US Army Blackhawk Rescue Team

"In memory of Dad tattoo"

Portrait featuring tattoo art


The Pitcher

Portrait of a pro baseball pitcher

Football Player

Athlete shot on a seamless white background

Bobby is All-Business

A dramatic cover-style shot lit with a beauty dish overhead

3-Up Orsolya

Sessions (portrait series)

Musician/Photographer Drew Gurian posing for my series on photographers who are also musicians.

Baseball Portrait

Portrait of a pro baseball pitcher

Andrew Boxing

Dramatic portrait of a boxer

Motocross Sunset Portrait

Portrait of a motocross rider at sunset, lit with a flash

Fire Dancer

Blake Johnson


Portrait of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Adam Hayward

The Batter

Portrait of a pro baseball player

Tampa Bride

Taken at a small beautiful church in downtown Tampa, Florida. Lit with one flash.

Katie Bridal 2

The Cowboy

Maui Sunset Hula

Screamin' Biker

Benji Farrow Portrait

US Team Snowborder Benji Farrow, shot on location in Breckenridge, Colorado